Limited Collection - Cursive "Black Lives Matter" Handmade Moroccan Market Basket

Limited Collection - Cursive "Black Lives Matter" Handmade Moroccan Market Basket

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In an effort to be active in our stance against systemic racism and to support our Black community in a tangible way, Maslouhi is offering a limited edition Black Lives Matter market basket design. Maslouhi will donate 100% of the profits generated by sales from these baskets to two grassroot organizations located in the communities of U.S.-based Maslouhi team members; the Athens Anti-Discrimination Movement in Athens, GA and the S.H.A.R.P Foundation in Benton Harbor, MI. Both organizations work to address systemic racism and discrimination within their respective communities through advocacy, activism, and education. We believe that in order for real change to happen, we must support those who are doing on-the-ground work in their communities.

Customers living in Athens, GA can opt for a porch drop-off option and have their basket hand-delivered by the Maslouhi team. By selecting this option, the cost of domestic shipping will be donated to the aforementioned organizations.


The body of the basket is made with natural woven reeds or “raffia”, has brown leather handles and woven in black yarn: “Black Lives Matter” in cursive writing. 


12" High
18" Wide (at widest point)
9" High Handles

*Please note that, because the baskets are handmade, there are slight variations in each item, including dimensions.*