Product Care

We want to make sure that your Maslouhi products last forever. If you have specific questions regarding the care for your purchase, feel free to send us a message. 


Our tip for caring for wool products is to have them dry cleaned. If dry cleaning is not an option, spot clean with cold water and mild detergent and lay flat to air dry.

To freshen up rugs made of wool without washing, hang it over a clothes line outside high pile face out and beat it with a stick or paddle so the dirt falls. Let it hang in the sun for a while before bringing back inside for a fresh, renewed look.


For all natural tanned leather, clean with mild all-natural soap and a clean cloth. There are plenty of leather conditioning products and methods out there and though we do not stand behind a particular brand, use products that won’t darken your leather like Lexol Neatsfoot, Fiebing’s White saddle soap or other natural methods like vinegar or lemon juice mixed with olive oil. 

For leather that is colored, clean with mild natural soap or natural methods i.e.: vinegar or lemon juice with olive oil with a clean cloth.

As with all cleaning products, it is recommended to find a small spot to test your method of cleaning first.  


Wood products stained with natural oil only require a light dusting with a clean cloth so the color of the wood is not darkened.

Wood products with a lacquer finish can be cleaned with any wood polish. As always, the more natural the cleaner, the better in order to maintain the wood's original hue.