Our Story

The connection began in 2012 when Sarah, a United States Peace Corps Volunteer living and working in Tameslouht, Morocco met Mustapha, a local community organizer. 

Together, they began working with a group of talented women artisans who for decades worked with various male-run artisan groups in Tameslouht, Morocco, and decided it was time to seek out new markets for their products. The Association of Creations of Women Artisans in Tameslouht, known by most as Creation Tameslouht, was formed in early January 2013 as a result of this initiative.

In 2014, the Creation Tameslouht began collaborating with several other associations in Tameslouht and Creation Tameslouht was re-named La Maison Maslouhi, to represent the finest artisans, both male and female, in the small village of Tameslouht.

Now, Maslouhi employs full time artisans, both male and female, and partners with over 40 professional artisans in Tameslouht, Morocco on project-based partnerships making rugs, blankets, baskets, poufs, pillows, ceramic ware and more. 

As our business expands, we remain focused on the people who are behind the products - the artisans. When you buy from Maslouhi, you are directly investing in the artisans and their community, as well as supporting the artisan sector in Morocco, which has been historically cheapened and discounted by middle-men. 

Our artisans work hard to create beautiful, high quality products while keeping traditional crafts alive so they can bring them to life in the homes of people all over the world. We look forward to sharing our story and connecting you with the incredible artisans of Morocco.