Our Story

Since 2013, Maslouhi has sought to connect master artisans in Tameslouht, Morocco to consumers across the globe.

Mustapha, a Marrakech native, and Sarah, a United States Peace Corps volunteer, met in Tameslouht, Morocco in 2012. In early 2013, they began working with Tameslouht's first cooperative of women artisans, "Creation Tameslouht." Mustapha and Sarah wanted to work alongside them to support them in achieving their goal of becoming independent of the exploitative Marrakech tourist markets. Mustapha and Sarah focused on connecting the artisans with global markets in the age of social media.

Since 2013, Creation Tameslouht has grown and matured into Maslouhi. Meaning "of" or "from Tameslouht" in Moroccan Arabic, Maslouhi represents the best of what Tameslouht's master artisans-- both male and female-- have to offer the world. Maslouhi's designs are unique, high-quality, and ethically-sourced. All Maslouhi artisans are full-time, salaried employees who receive benefits through the Moroccan CNSS system. This business model not only provides a sustainable livelihood for artisans, but also encourages their creativity to flourish.