How We Work

We believe artisanal work CAN and SHOULD be a viable career option in Morocco where artisans have real ownership over their profession. Operating as a small business with a team of full-time artisans is our way of working towards this goal. 

Our artisans have chosen to work with us in a business context, where the shared costs and long term benefits of doing business outweighs the numerous costs of what a single artisan would assume working independently, generally speaking.

Our artisans benefit from the business relationship Maslouhi provides as it offers stable and consistent work with benefits and growth opportunities, space and time to focus fully on their craft, and financial ownership by sharing in a percentage of our profits. 

We also work with artisans through what we term, project-based partnerships to fulfill custom orders or to produce items that our full time artisans don't have the expertise to make. These artisans are single artisans who work independently, usually out of their homes, and set their own hours and prices. 

Partnerships like these allow us to diversify our collections with high quality items made by master artisans, while at the same time support independent artisans in our community and continue our investment in Tameslouht's artisan sector.

By opting into working with Maslouhi, artisans are provided with a dignified, well-compensated work environment that provides them with room to grow professionally and creatively.