Our Commitment

Our Commitment to Tameslouht 

Tameslouht is where it all began. Mustapha, one of our co-founders, was raised in Tameslouht and spent many years working as a community organizer getting to know the community and its leaders. Mustapha has firsthand knowledge of how artisans contribute to the local economy as well as intimate knowledge of how opportunities outside of the Marrakech tourist market, (which isn't an ideal business partner in terms of either product development or economic benefit) can have a positive impact on artisans' lives.

Sarah, Maslouhi's other co-founder, also lived in Tameslouht as a Peace Corps Volunteer and worked with the artisans directly from 2012 - 2014. She also has first hand knowledge of the markets that are available to artisans and the impact they may have on them, in addition to ways to connect artisans to global partners.

Our Commitment to the Artisans

Our founders deeply understand the complexities of making a living in Tameslouht, especially in a field that is shrinking due to young adults gravitating towards other opportunities. Maslouhi has prioritized making the career of being an artisan a viable one by providing our artisans with a positive work environment, steady work, leadership and training opportunities, a voice in the creative process, and benefits. This way, our artisans can rely on the income working with Maslouhi provides and plan ahead rather than selling their products to middle-men for half what they are worth or not being able to sell their products at all.

Our Commitment to Collective Collaboration

We are committed to providing a collaborative environment where artisans have a voice in the entire design process. Maslouhi's original designs always involve the artisans' creative expertise and initiative, in addition to the Business Managers' understanding of the markets we're trying to reach. For custom orders, the artisans are involved in discussing the parameters of what is possible and how much it will cost in addition to providing essential insights into the skillsets and logistical requirements required to fulfill the order. 

Our Commitment to Sustainability


We are committed to low-impact solutions wherever possible, which includes sourcing local materials. Stateside, we re-use boxes for shipping and don't include any plastic packaging materials. 

Business Operations

We do, and will always, employ a salaried artisan as the point person on the ground. This person oversees production and business operations alongside our Business Operations Managers. Additionally, we work with artisans as partners; they own 25% of the business. We are always looking for additional artisans to be included in this partnership.