Stuffing Your Maslouhi Pillows and Poufs - Tips and Tricks

The artisans employed by Maslouhi hand make truly unique pillows and poufs that style perfectly in so many different spaces. When someone orders a pillow or pouf from Maslouhi, these products do not come pre-stuffed. This means that customers pay significantly less in shipping costs, but that there is a bit of work involved in getting poufs and pillows ready for use.

To assist you with this process, we have pooled the collective knowledge of Maslouhi artisans and customers, which you can find below!


As an artisan-centered business, we have a rigorous standard for setting our product prices. We value the expertise of the master artisans employed by Maslouhi. They apprenticed and worked for decades to master traditional handicraft practices, many of which are considered to be disappearing in Morocco. Each Maslouhi product is handmade, meaning that a large amount of time, thought, and care goes into each individual stich. Lastly, the artisans working with Maslouhi are full-time employees. This means that they are receiving full-time benefits in addition to their salaries, allowing them creative freedom and time to engage in truly stunning hand-made work.

The cumulative effect of this business model means that Maslouhi prices are higher when compared to similar products at places like Target, Walmart, or Amazon (although these stores can come in handy-- more on that below!). Our prices reflect the emphasis we place on the quality of our products, the materials we source, and the cost of engaging in ethical business practices. We are proud to be able to offer products that reflect these priorities.


In a word: shipping!

As a small business, we pay attention to every detail when it comes to cost. After over 7 years of experimenting with a variety of domestic and international shipping options (and learning through a lot of mistakes!), we believe that we have identified some of the best ways to save money both for our business and for the consumer when it comes to shipping.

The majority of Maslouhi's inventory is housed in Tameslouht, Morocco, where the artisans employed by Maslouhi live and work. The cost to ship any of our products from Morocco is based on size AND weight. This means the heavier and larger the item, the higher the shipping cost. 

Maslouhi is proud to be able to cover basic shipping costs for the consumer. However, the larger or heavier the item, the more difficult it becomes to cover these costs. For example, the shipping cost for an un-stuffed pouf is anywhere from $30-$50. Even though stuffing the pouf doesn't increase its weight too much, the size increase is exponential, bringing the new shipping cost somewhere between $250-$300.  

Insane, right!? 

This is why, in order to strike the right balance between our business (as in, being able to even have one) and being able to offer customers the best price possible, Maslouhi sells pillows and poufs unstuffed. This also allows customers to choose how they want to fill their product, as opposed to requiring customers to pay for filling they could potentially get cheaper somewhere else.


There are lots of options for stuffing, and these can be adjusted for your personal preferences (soft and fluffy vs. firm) and for your wallet.

Stuffing or pre-made fill (memory foam scraps, foam, cotton stuffing, etc.) can be purchased easily (and inexpensively!) from a local craft store or online, like this bag from Amazon or this poly-fill bag from Michaels.

If you prefer a pre-made insert over loose fill, you can buy down or down alternative inserts to fit our pillows and poufs perfectly. Check out West Elm's down alternative pillow inserts for various size pillows and Pottery Barn's pre-made cube insert for a pouf. Less expensive inserts can be found at fabric and crafting stores. Pro-tip: big chains like Joanne Fabric and Michael's often run sales on their pillow forms; we recommend stocking up when these happen and saving big!

For our budget-conscious and eco-conscious customers, we recommend upcycling older blankets, pillows, towels, and other similar items and using them for stuffing. This is actually what most Moroccans use for stuffing poufs and pillows in their own homes!


PRO TIP: One of our customers recently purchased a leather round pouf and stuffed it with old baby clothes that she wanted to save but didn't have a lot of spare storage space for. This way, she can save the baby clothes for years to come and stuff her pouf at the same time without wasting precious closet space! Genius!

Another option is to take foam or stuffing from old cushions and use those. With Maslouhi pillowcases in particular, many fit snuggly over standard sized throws. This is a great option for freshening up the look of a bed or couch that already has pillow shapes you love. 


Then we are happy to make that happen. Maslouhi's artisans can create custom-sized forms and stuff them for you. If this is the case, send a note with your order that you would prefer it to come stuffed, and we will provide you with the shipping costs for your particular order. Please note that customers will be charged for both the creation of the insert and the additional shipping costs. Depending on the size of the order, this could delay the shipping time. We will make sure to communicate all of the specifics on a case-by-case basis.


All of our poufs and pillows come with zippers for adding and removing fill. Stuffing your pillow and/or pouf is easy, but tips and tricks from our team (and customers!) can make it an even better experience!

Tip 1 : More Is Better

A common mistake people make when stuffing is not adding enough fill. Especially for poufs, using the right amount of stuffing can make the difference between a loose, saggy pouf versus a sturdy, well-structured pouf. Make sure you keep stuffing evenly until it feels difficult to zip. This will ensure your pouf or pillow fills out completely.

Tip 2 : Stuff With Attention To Your Pillow Or Pouf Shape

Make sure you are aware of the shape of your product and are filling it to fit that shape. For example, if your pouf or pillow is square, make sure to fill your corners first. Once your corners are sturdy, the rest of your pouf/pillow will follow. For round poufs, the circle shape is very important so you want to make sure you are consistently stuffing all sides to maintain the round shape.

If you are using a pre-made insert, remember you can always add extra fill to your corners or around the sides to the places that look neglected or to build around an insert that may be a bit too small for your pouf or pillow size.

Tip 3 : Try, Try, and Try Again!

Sometimes your fill may look fine, but after a few times of sitting or leaning on the pillow or pouf, it may flatten or lose shape. Make sure that you are rolling the fill around to fluff it back up again or adding more when you see fit. Everything needs a little sprucing every now and again-- just keep adding until it's just right!

Tip 4 : Pick A Fill That's Right For You

Comfort and style is different for everyone. Picking the right fill will be essential to getting the look you want for your pillow or pouf. If you are looking for a lofty look, choose a down or down alternative which has a light and airy finish. If you are looking for a solid, firm look choose more dense materials like memory foam or recycled sheets or blankets for more structure and durability.

We hope these tips and tricks are helpful!

Shop our pillows and poufs today.

As always, if you have any specific questions, feel free to shoot us an email and we can do the best we can to assist you!

Happy shopping and happy filling! 


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