Stay Stylish and Safe with a Maslouhi Face Mask!

Beautiful face masks are finally here!

This new collection features handwoven, loom designed face masks handmade my our artisans in Tameslouht, Morocco -- making these face masks truly one of a kind!

Although no two face masks are alike in their design, you can count on their effective and solid construction to offer protection while in the general public. 

Let's take a closer at how these face masks are made and how to choose the best size for you!

Our masks are made of 100% breathable cotton with a loom woven design on the front and a separately attached cotton layer on the back.


These masks also feature a pocket between the layers of fabric to place a removable filter for extra protection. 


Our masks have an accordion style design to comfortably fit over the wearer's nose and chin, like so.


The best part about these masks are they are machine washable! Yes, throw them in the wash every so often and leave them out to air dry. Don't forget to remove your filter if you have added one to your mask before you place the mask in the washer!


These masks come in two different sizes, Adult Small and Adult Large and are unisex masks, making them perfect for everyone!

Dimensions of Large Mask - 9.5" x 3" 
Dimensions of Small Mask - 7.5" x 3" 


Wondering which Maslouhi mask will fit you best?

Maslouhi co-founder Sarah does a quick demonstration of the small vs. large size of our masks. Watch her demonstration here!



Please note, these cloth face coverings were crafted to help slow the spread of COVID-19. These are not medical-grade face masks, and are intended for use by the general public when not at home. For more information please visit the CDC Website!


Thanks for taking a closer look into our new Face Mask Collection!


Stay safe and stay healthy...and wear a Maslouhi Mask!

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